Other Corporate Services

In addition to assisting clients with entity formation, Robertson & Gable, LLC also offers legal services to its corporate clients in the following areas:

  • Corporate and LLC name changes
  • Amending and Restating Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Organization
  • Dissolution of profit and nonprofit corporations and LLCs
  • Conversion of a corporation to become a LLC or a LLC to become a corporation
  • Conversion of out of state corporation or LLC to a Georgia corporation or LLC and vice versa
  • Mergers
  • Reinstatement of an administratively dissolved corporation or LLC
  • Qualification of foreign corporation (in Georgia and other states)
  • Shareholder Agreements and Operating Agreements
  • Transfer/Redemption/Issuance of Shares and Membership Interests
  • Annual Minutes and corporate governance
  • Registered Agent services
  • Business Closings (sale or purchase of business)
  • Deed preparation (i.e., transferring real property into or out of a LLC or corporation)

To inquire about fees for these corporate services, contact us.