What You Get for $575
LLC Specifications


  • Standard Paragraphs
  • Name of LLC
  • Specify Type of Management
  • Name of Organizer


  • Standard Operating Agreement Laser Printed With Name of LLC Filled In
  • Management Option 1 – Single Member Management – This is designed for a Limited Liability Company that shall have only one member for the foreseeable future. A new Operating Agreement must be prepared when any new members are admitted.
  • Management Option 2 – Member Managed – All members vote in accordance with their respective percentage owned. This option avoids centralized management, which is one attribute of a corporation.
  • Management Option 3 – Manager Managed – Certain members are designated as managers. Managers are elected or removed by a majority vote of members. This option has centralized management, which is one attribute of a corporation.
  • Management Option 4 – All Powerful Manager – One member is designated as the manager and is not subject to removal except in extreme circumstances. This option has centralized management, which is one attribute of a corporation.
  • Management Option 5 – Corporate Style – This Limited Liability Company is designed to be governed like a corporation. It is especially useful when investors are likely to be added or removed with some frequency, or when corporate style governance is desired. Ownership percentages are determined by the number of shares owned and not by capital contribution.
  • Professional LLC – Purposes are limited to the specified profession, and membership is limited to licensed professionals. Five different management styles are available.


  • Representation That Interests Are Being Purchased for Investment Purposes
  • Statement That Interests Will Not Be Registered under the Securities Act
  • Agreement to Restrictions on Transfer
  • Subscribers, Interests, Capital Contributions
  • Acceptance by LLC


  • Promissory Note to Member and Companion Resolution
  • Bill of Sale from Member to LLC and Companion Resolution
  • Form of Unanimous Resolution of Members
  • Form of Annual Members Resolution


  • Slip Box & Binder – Black 1.5″ Binder with LLC Name on the Spine
  • Divider Tabs – Eight (Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, Tax ID Numbers, Forms, Minutes, Annual Registration, Membership Certificates, and Other Records)
  • Certificates – 1 Specimen and 20 Numbered Blue Certificates, with Members’ Names Preprinted. Certificates are signed by any two members/managers unless specified otherwise.
  • Cancellation Sheets – 20
  • Certificate Transfer Ledger Booklet
  • LLC Company Seal – 1 5/8 ” Diameter with Year of Organization Included at no Extra Charge. (A 2″ diameter seal is required for LLC names exceeding 40 characters – extra charge)
  • Pouch For LLC Company Seal


  • New LLC Start-Up Checklist
  • Obtaining a Federal Tax ID Number
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Obtaining a State Tax ID Number
  • Obtaining a Department of Labor (Unemployment) Tax ID Number
  • Obtaining a Sales Tax ID Number
  • Reviewing and Signing Minute Book
  • City and County Business Licenses
  • City and County Real and Personal Property Taxes
  • Independent Contractor vs. Employee Status
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • I.N.S. Form I-9
  • Federal Payroll Taxes
  • Georgia Payroll Taxes
  • State Unemployment Taxes
  • Georgia Sales and Use Tax
  • Annual Return to Secretary of State
  • Federal Income Tax Returns
  • Georgia Income Tax Returns
  • Doing Business Out of State
  • Trade Name Registration
  • Trademark Registration
  • Georgia Business Outreach Services (Small Business Development Centers)
  • Amortization of Organizational Expenses
  • Sales of Securities
  • Issuing Additional Membership Interests and Transfer of Interests by Members
  • Record Requirements