The Advantages of Choosing Us
to Form Your Corporation or LLC

Legal Advice

Unlike the national incorporating companies, we are a law firm capable of providing legal advice to our clients. Further, we are different from traditional law firms that charge a large fee and provide you with legal advice you may not need. Our fee includes filing and publication fees, a complete corporate minute book with customized minutes, a corporate seal, and legal fees.

Online Convenience

Our Order Form is short and can be either completed online, emailed, faxed, or mailed to our office. We can generally consult with you by phone and email. We do not require you to make an appointment with us. Should you wish to come to our office, appointments are easily made by phone or email. We have local, state, national and international clients.


We have years of experience in forming a variety of entities. We offer profit and nonprofit corporations as well as the popular limited liability companies.

  • Our profit corporations can be formed as standard, statutory close (with or without a Board of Directors), or professional corporations, depending on your specific needs. Our documents are designed to allow you to elect “S” or “C” corporation tax filing status with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Further, our limited liability companies can be formed with a variety of management structures. We offer fifteen standard variations of limited liability companies. Each of these can be further customized to fit your needs.
  • We offer several different types of nonprofit corporations, including charitable, educational, and religious organizations, business leagues, hobby and social clubs, homeowners’ associations, etc. Each of these has alternative methods to select the Board of Directors. When applicable, the nonprofit corporation can include “foundation” clauses.

We confirm all incorporation requests by email or fax generally within 1 to 2 business days. The purpose of our confirmation is to assure accuracy in the final documents. You have the opportunity to make sure every detail meets your requirements before we draft a single document. We do not expect payment for our services until you have approved your confirmation.

Prompt Service

We provide a speed of service that is second to none and are in contact with the Georgia Secretary of State several times a day. Generally, we can incorporate your business in a few days to a week; the corporate minute book with the original Articles of Incorporation and seal is shipped to you promptly. Rush services are also available.

Custom Minutes

We custom print all documents on a high quality laser printer. We do not use confusing and time consuming multi-state preprinted minutes. Our minutes are specifically designed for Georgia and for your business. All you need to do is review, date, and sign.

Detailed Memorandum

We provide a detailed memorandum for every new entity we form. It provides a wealth of information helpful to a new small business, including a checklist of important local, state and federal obligations your business must complete after formation.

Other Services

We also offer many other corporate services, as well as wills and estate planning and probate.